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Thank for this game !

Perfect aesthetic!  Really love the colors, PSX graphics, filters, and attention to details :)

I had alot of fun with this game, I'll play again if any updates come out, I love the cicada ambience 

Thanks for posting your gameplay, glad you had a good time!

Amazing work in 3 weeks,really creative.The atmosphere was pretty good too!.And the text visuals was great.Overall,great short horror game

Glad you enjoyed it!

sure,great work!

Hi, I played your game. It was a great creation of you, very creative.

Short and sweet, game was well made . Story was easy to follow and the jumpscare was perfect ! Good job !

I made a playthrough on the game if you're interested :)

Thanks for playing!

nice work =)

Thank you!

Hello, is there any way I can change the screen size of this game? I'm wanting to run it in a smaller window :)

Unfortunately not at this stage, thanks for letting us know – we will look to see if we can add that in a future update.

Your game is the third in this video.

Thanks for playing!

Loved this game alot from the feel the atmosphere gave to the unexpected end. I am a sucker for these types of games that have some japanese shrine involved. Good job devs keep making more!

Thank you for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it!

Played your game at 6:49. A fun short horror game!

Check out my video.

Thanks for playing!

Really enjoyed this one, quite the twist! Keep making stuff!
P.S. if you want to watch just your game, it's at 01:03


Thanks for checking out, love the thumbnail.

Hahaha I had way too much fun with that thumbnail!

Like that thumbnail lol thats creative.

Featured this game to start off an horror pack recently, it was a fun little short game for Halloween! We both enjoyed the setting and found the ending pretty entertaining. Our playthrough starts around a minute in :)

Thanks for playing!

I love this game :D

Olá, venho através desse texto dizer que simplesmente amei demais esse jogo, fiz uma gameplay e tomei alguns sustos que me deixou bem satisfeito. FIca aqui minha recomendação, não só pra assistir essa gameplay, como também pra jogar e sentir essa experiencia incrivel que é desse jogo. Sucesso a todos que fizeram também gameplays, Tamo juntos.

Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it!

That got me good. Very creepy atmosphere and a good ending.

short but fun! Loved the graphical style!

Thanks for the review!

easy game :D

Old man tryna FIGHT! My fishes now! good game 

Loved the video, thanks for playing.

Short, but incredibly beautiful.  One of my favorite indie horror games!

That's amazing to hear, thank you for playing!

Even I can fish better than that guy! But hey! Amazing little game :D I may be reading to much into it with the 'he got punished for getting greedy and fishing more than one fish' bit :p

Thanks for playing, enjoyed your reaction to the ending.

Was a pretty neat game! The attention to detail was well done; how the character can't fish in the other location the third time and then the old man disappears if the player decides to go back were really small but nice touches that adds to the overall game! Only thing I would suggest would be to have a small backstory and some hints of the large fish in the shrine to tie everything together, but this was still well made, short and fun to play!

Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed the game!

Short sweet easy. Very nice game it got me

Thanks for checking out our game.

Oh give me love to all the team members ty

The ending caught me by surprise that it scared me. Good game

Very Short and simplistic Horror game. Got me in the end, lighting and shadows were fantastic. I'll rate it a 4/5 was a bit to short for me.

Thanks for playing!

Short and to the point with an interesting message.

The game begins at 6:14, Really loved the graphics, felt like I was playing a Playstation again. The jumpscare had me but couldn't help but laugh at the outcome for the ending, Great job.

Thank you for playing, it was great to see your reaction and glad you appreciated the psx inspired aesthetics.

Anytime, really enjoyed everything about the game and the nice twist at the end, keep up the great work 😊

I loved it! It was very spooky and gave me quite the jolt at the end. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the fish :D 


Thanks for checking out, glad to hear the ending gave you a jolt!


Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks for playing!

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It was quite the fun game I only wish it was longer:)

Pulling the old switcharoo at the end there was also a nice touch. The fisherman became the.... fishee?

(Yes I know it isn't a trout but in the heat of the moment my potato brain decided it was lol)

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for checking out our game!

Jumpscared the HELL out of me. Damn, wish it was longer tho.

Great ending reaction, thanks for playing!

The fish really put me in a pack. That's crazy.

Thank you for the gameplay!

Finally made a video on this game.  Honestly was a great time!  I'd love to see more!

Loved the video, gave us a good laugh, thank you for playing!



Great stuff, glad we could surprise you!

really cool game, loved the aesthetic look and yeah it was scary.

...dont mind the title of video.

Thanks for playing, don't mind the title at all.

Why didn't I see it before? Why did I let myself get tricked? Am I really just a fish in this so called "real world"? These are the questions I asked myself as I stared into the mirror after playing lure. The developers claim they made this "small" game for this past Halloween's Scream Jam 2021, but this is very questionable. I think the developers created this game in order to scare people and make them question the unknown and what lurks in the highest mountains that may be looking down at us from above. I've always had this skewed view of fishing but now that term has been altered and fishing will now be seen as some occult-fetish.

Bottom line - I loved this game lol. Keep it up, Blue Moon Games!!

Really awesome to hear how the game connected with you. Thank you for checking it out!

very interesting

Thanks for playing.

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 😘

Greetings! Thank you for playing.

Hey yo good game!! I liked the experience and I really liked the style of the game, you could make a game with a story using this aesthetic

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR


Thanks for the gameplay.

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