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Finally made a video on this game.  Honestly was a great time!  I'd love to see more!

Loved the video, gave us a good laugh, thank you for playing!



Great stuff, glad we could surprise you!

really cool game, loved the aesthetic look and yeah it was scary.

...dont mind the title of video.

Thanks for playing, don't mind the title at all.

Why didn't I see it before? Why did I let myself get tricked? Am I really just a fish in this so called "real world"? These are the questions I asked myself as I stared into the mirror after playing lure. The developers claim they made this "small" game for this past Halloween's Scream Jam 2021, but this is very questionable. I think the developers created this game in order to scare people and make them question the unknown and what lurks in the highest mountains that may be looking down at us from above. I've always had this skewed view of fishing but now that term has been altered and fishing will now be seen as some occult-fetish.

Bottom line - I loved this game lol. Keep it up, Blue Moon Games!!

Really awesome to hear how the game connected with you. Thank you for checking it out!

very interesting

Thanks for playing.

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 😘

Greetings! Thank you for playing.

Hey yo good game!! I liked the experience and I really liked the style of the game, you could make a game with a story using this aesthetic

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR


Thanks for the gameplay.

that ending was beautiful

Thanks for the kind words.

no problem

I really liked this short horror game and well the ending was so unexpected but so fitting xD

Amazing job on it, and keep it up! :D

here's my experience of playing it! :3

Really enjoyed your commentary, thank you for playing!

Ay thanks I'm happy to hear that! :D thanks for making this smoll enjoyable game :3

Great! I,ve Been Caught! lol nice blue Moon!

Thank you, great video.

That ending really caught me by surprise, nice game

Thanks for the video!

Short but not bad at all. Ending jumpscare definitely got me. Made a video on it.


Thanks for the gameplay!

Short and creepy. Jumpscare got me at ending. Awesome game!


Thanks for playing!

Interesting game indeed. I really enjoyed the in. I can't say I was expecting that. Great stuff. Really unique. That said, if you get a chance please check out my play through. Feel free to like or leave a comment, I always appreciate that. Good work. I'll look into any other games you have, if you have others released. Thanks again!

Thanks for the play through, glad you enjoyed it.

Makes me miss visiting actual shrines when I was in Japan. Next time I go I really gotta think about taking a fishing trip.


Thanks for playing, sorry there were no mermaids!

AMAZING!! I never thought about being fish the other way around. What a PLOT TWIST!! I really thought that the old man was an evil duck demon 🤭


Short and Good! 

Full Play No Commentary 

Nice! Everything was pretty tame for the most part. Then the twist hit and I had about 2 whole minutes of silence where I was taken back by the element of un-expectation. Great job! Here's my no commentary gameplay vid.

Oh my, it was fun and I really enjoyed it, especially the ending :)

This game was absolutely ridiculous and spoopy... And I absolutely loved it! Best. ending. ever. It's the first game in the video~

Glad you enjoyed our spoopy game, awesome video!

completed 3 min

game was really weird and creepy but really good knew that pond was cursed lol 

Thanks for playing.

welcome anytime if you have more hmu and if youi want to join my discored feel free

Deleted 1 year ago

That superstitious dialogue lined up perfectly, thanks for the gameplay.

No Thank you for this brain-changing experience 😁

This was really good. I loved the way the graphics are done and it's a nice spooky short game.


Appreciate the feedback on the visuals, thank you for checking out lure.

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I didn't play it with volume due to me not knowing how my new mic works! I made a video about this game in a 2 horror games video & it's the first game! The ending was pretty funny, I really enjoyed it! I read your comment about not revealing anything about the old man.. Ominous but if there's more, I can't wait!


Glad to hear you enjoyed it, great air fishing as well!

lmao I get it now!

This game was excellent, 100% worth playing. Very short, but very purposeful, and the ending totally threw me off. Loved it through and through!

It was awesome to finally see your gameplay! But we can't reveal any more information about the old man at this point.

Ay! I am glad you got to see it! And well darn, hopefully that means a continuation is afoot ;) stoked to see what you all do next, just @ me ok? hahaha

Really good game and the jumpscare's in good taste for sure since it went with the flow of the game. Nice job. Keep it up.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the ending, thanks for playing!

Cool style, loved it, jumpscare got me cause I majorly did not expect it lol
interact being space confused me a bit, VHS tape thing hurt my eyes but that's fine cause a ton of games have the VHS filter goin on,
overall, favorite out of the 3 games I played in my video :D

Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it.

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Short and sweet and scary... (the second game i played 19:02)


Thanks for playing, enjoyed the reaction to the end.

This is why I don't fish. :D

very kewl lol scary fwish

I wasn't expecting that ending! Such a short and sweet game that really hit the mark! Great job! 


Thanks for the commentary, loved your reaction to the ending!


No problem, and glad you enjoyed it! 

I featured this in my video 


Thank you for playing.

Short and creepy, and a bit weird but fun in it own way, pretty good game

Thanks for the playthrough.

SHORT AND FISHY! Thanks Blue Moon. Nice game!

Short, creepy, and a little silly. Nice work.

Great commentary, enjoyed watching, thanks!

What a fun little horror game! I really enjoyed it ! Awesome work!

Thanks for playing!

Bon jeu, merci ;]

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